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    At Lee Ridge Elementary School, we are learners destined for greatness.  We focus on growing our minds while keeping our bodies healthy.  Our website is meant to provide you with a framework of information connected to our school.

    Our primary focus is creating a safe learning environment with the best interests of all of our students at the centre of everything we do.  We are committed to the District's cornerstone values of accountability, collaboration, equity and integrity.

    Our mission statement truly sums up who we are and what we do: building character and competence through leadership and an active, healthy lifestyle.

    As a community hub, we invite our students, parents and community stakeholders to take an active role in creating and growing our learners destined for greatness.


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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    We pursue excellence through dedication to our mission: building character and competence through leadership and an active, healthy lifestyle.  We build great character by developing habits and traits connected to the 7 habits as part of the processes in the Leader in Me.  We develop competence through the acquisition of what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each school year in relation to the Alberta Program of Studies. 

    We are an APPLE School.  This means that we are part of the Alberta Project Promoting Active Living and Healthy Eating school-wide.  We sincerely believe in comprehensive school health as an integral part of education.


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Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Lee Ridge School!    We are learners destined for greatness!  I am excited to join our caring, welcoming and hardworking staff at Lee Ridge for a second year as we grow our minds and focus on comprehensive school health.  We are privileged to be part of the unique blend of being a Leader in Me Lighthouse School and an APPLE (The Alberta Project Promoting Active Living and healthy Eating) that builds upon the strong foundations created by a gifted teaching, support and custodial staff.  We are also very pleased to continue our relationship with the Millwood Lions Club, the Rotary Club of Southeast Edmonton and Food for Thought to ensure our students basic needs and nutritional needs are attended to regularly.  

The optimal operation of a school requires the cooperation, understanding, and effort of everyone involved.  In order to achieve collective greatness, we need students, parents, teachers, support staff, custodial staff and community stakeholders to continue to build strong relationships, properly communicate, and make all decisions in the best interest of students: we must put children first.  As a District, we are transforming the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow by fostering four cornerstone values: accountability, collaboration, equity and integrity.  We continue to inspire student success through high quality learning opportunities, supported by meaningfully engaged students, parents, staff and community.  This is my sincere pledge to you.

The School Handbook is one method of effective and essential communication between school and home and can be accessed via SchoolZone.  Please frequently access SchoolZone at https://schoolzone.epsb.ca as this is our main mode of communication at Lee Ridge Elementary School.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call me at (780) 462-3230.

I look forward to a year full of promise, care, and continued growth.


Randy Radmanovich M.Ed.