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Our Brand New Park! The park opened on Saturday in the month of October.  It was bigger and really new I loved it. The barbeque was delicious and just beautiful. I feel more safe in the new park because the last park was more torn up and different parts of the park were breaking. Now it's new and I feel way more safe. I really liked the park and a lot of people would say ‘‘oh ya the park was really good’’ or ‘‘omg the park was fabsome’’ but the thing that I really liked about it was the cutting of the ribbon.  I really liked was the fact that you could see our teachers and spend time with our family at the park and just have fun. But thats really all I have to say about the park, unless you were waiting for me to say that the food was REALLY GOOD!   Charelle Grade 5 Read the Full Story
Terry Fox Run 2014! Every year in Lee Ridge we do a run, The Terry Fox run . If you do not know about who Terry Fox was, Terry had cancer (A REALLY DANGEROUS DISEASE) in his leg so the doctor had to cut of his leg where his cancer had been (which was right above his knee). His leg had been replaced with an artificial one.When he got his leg cut off he thought about the other people who have cancer, especially the kids. So he decided that he would run all across Canada to raise money for cancer reasearch. Unfortunately, when he reached Thunder Bay, his cancer came back and he died and couldn’t complete his mission. So in respect we celebrate The Terry Fox Run and raise money for Cancer research!   Naima Grade 5 Read the Full Story
Leader In Me Symposium 2014! We had to get up really early for the conference. We were greeters for the teachers who wanted their school to be a leader in me school. It was great knowing that our school was a lighthouse school and that we showed great leadership. We greeted teachers from all around Edmonton. I got a bit tired from all the “Good Morning” but knowing that I got picked to represent our school was a great feeling! It’s my last year in Lee Ridge school and I'm going to miss all of  the great teachers and students very much! – Kwo – Grade 6 Read the Full Story
Wellness Week 2014! Students and staff at Lee Ridge School decided to Participate not Hibernate during their Wellness Week, January 13 to 17. With the help of APPLE Schools, students had a blast dancing with Bollywood Beats and Ever Active freestyle movement. Two days of Sportball had them sharpening their soccer skills. Friday was cardio crazy with new Fun Fitness Circuits. Students set goals and will track their results over the next five Fun Fitness Fridays. Read the Full Story
Codes of Cooperation!
At Lee Ridge we love our "Code of Cooperations". Instead of the regular "Classroom Rules" being taught in classrooms, we have the children help establish the way they would like to see their class organized and managed. With help and suggestions from their teachers, students come up with ideas and routines about what they would like to see their class look like!
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We are an APPLE School!
We are proud to say that we have been an APPLE SCHOOL for several years now. In fact, we were one of the original Apple schools and have continued to get healthier every year! All of our staff and students not only learn about healthy living and eating within the walls of our school, we also take the message home and into the community!
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Lee Ridge Mission Statement "As a Leader in Me Lighthouse School we believe that it is vital for our students to be engaged in creating effective and workable environments in their classrooms and in the school. Our students have been fully involved in creating a class code of cooperation or mission statement. This is just one way in which our students are being proactive and showing initiative". Read the Full Story
The Great Lee Ridge Candy Exchange!     Our students took part in our annual Halloween Candy Exchange on November 1st. They lined up and eagerly traded in their Halloween candy for healthy fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. As it has been for five, it was a huge success again this year. Being both an APPLE School and Leader in Me Lighthouse School, our students have learned that making healthy choices is the right thing to do. Read the Full Story
Leader Lunch   Learn At Lunch A couple days ago, I was chosen to go to room twenty-five for something called “Lunch and learn”. In this one day program, two students from each classroom get together with a couple teachers and the principal. It was to talk about the school and the seven habits. First, we stood up and said our name and grade to get to know everybody. Next, we were talked to about what was going to happen in the lunch and learn. They talked about the seven habits in the school and how we are a healthy school. They even showed us a map of the entire leader in me schools! Surprisingly, there were only a few in all of Canada! Then, Mr. Butterfield and Mrs. Craig showed us a slide show of some students and teachers being leaders. I saw myself in it two times. I couldn’t believe how many students and teachers are in our school. Read the Full Story
Codes of Cooperation! At Lee Ridge we love our "Code of Cooperations". Instead of the regular "Classroom Rules" being taught in classrooms, we have the children help establish the way they would like to see their class organized and managed. With help and suggestions from their teachers, students come up with ideas and routines about what they would like to see their class look like! Read the Full Story
At Lee Ridge we put First Things First! Here at Lee ridge we have been starting to be a 7 habits school! There are 7 habits we are focusing on but I will just be telling you about the one I really think helps us kids be better in school, and that habit is… PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! I know most of you are probably thinking well, we are told to put first things first all the time. Well, this is just a reminder for you. So here I go! Read the Full Story
Terry Fox is a Hero at Lee Ridge Terry fox is not just a hero at Lee Ridge but is a hero to people all around the world. He did something no one else would or could do. Terry Fox ran with only one one leg. Who could do that? You know maybe Terry didn’t make it the whole way but at least he raised a lot of money. A lot, and I mean a lot, of people contributed. We need someone like him in our lives today. We should all use Terry Fox as an example in our lives. Read the Full Story

Principal's Message



December 19, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Looking Back…farewell to 2014

 It is with acknowledgement and absolute privilege that I work with such a talented community of learners supporting one another.  I extend my sincere appreciation to our entire community at for a very successful 2014.  Our students, parents, guardians and community stakeholders continue to support our students in a number of ways.  Everything you do never goes unnoticed and your support and feedback is always appreciated.

Our Winter Wonderland concerts were held on December 11th and were a huge success!  Thank you to Mrs. Janzen and each member of our staff for creating two very special and magical performances.  Countless hours go into the preparation of our performances and all of our staff supported the concert in some way.  In addition, sincere thanks go out to School Council for organizing the Front Row Seating, Giving and Family Hamper draws.  We also have several parents/community partners that we would like to thank for their contributions to our school: 

·         Angie Gulevich and staff at the Alberta Solicitor General’s Department for organizing Christmas hampers for families in need

·         Hazel Gillis and staff at the Kiwanis Club – Oil Capital for $5,000.00 to support our school agendas for children and Leader in Me learning materials

·         Ryan Macdonald who continues to be our liaison and APPLE Schools mentor continues to provide comprehensive school health supports

·         Alison Klein for providing the piano accompaniment for our Winter Wonderland concert

·         Dave Miles for donating signed NHL photos for our students on Jersey Day

·         Trustee Adams for always supporting our school ventures and events

 Together we are always much better: we have a huge list of thanks that continues to grow with time.

Looking Forward…the start to 2015

 We would like to extend an invitation for all parents/guardians to attend our next School Council meeting scheduled for January 5, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in the Library.  Here, we discuss many areas of strength and are open to areas of improvement for our school.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  As a result of our parents’ efforts, we have secured a community partnership with Kristine Kowalchuk and Food for Thought to support hungry children in need of nourishment at our school.  Please see for details.

 As always, feel free to telephone the school if you have any questions about anything at all.  Please see the attached calendar of events or access SchoolZone for all timely information.

 Take good care and enjoy a very happy and relaxing holiday season.  We have much to be thankful for!


      Randy Radmanovich



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